Simply put, District Provisions delivers a stunning spectrum of fine artisanal foods. As a member of the Neighborhood Restaurant Group’s family of award-winning restaurants, we bring a remarkable depth and breadth of experience and culinary talent to the table – and our clients have come to expect an emphasis on high-quality, organic and local ingredients properly prepared and presented by our team of chefs and professionals. Additionally, our exclusive partnership with brands as diverse as Red Apron, Buzz Bakery, GBD and Local Growers allow us to offer a range of hand-crafted foods otherwise available only at their respective outposts.

Whether you’re planning a meeting, an employee function or cultivating the next client, we understand your needs and have the experience required to surpass your expectations. Our corporate relationships are long-lasting, based on professionalism, timeliness and collaboration.

The bottom line: District Provision is your resource for each and every event upcoming - from a corporate setting to the family reunion, we pride ourselves on a brand of creative flexibility and client collaboration that you can count on.

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