They take dessert to the extreme at Buzz. All three of their area locations offer a full-service bakery, coffee shop, dessert and libation lounge, all of which serve as a sort of kaleidoscopic showcase for our talented team.

Buzz begins its days well before sunrise, warming ovens, mixing batters and shaping doughs. All of the food is prepared by hand with a reverence for great ingredients, a passion for careful baking and a steadfast dedication to serving only the freshest items. From the muffins, scones and biscuits in the morning, to the cupcakes, cookies and brownies in the afternoon, every single item is thoughtfully prepared and delivered with reverence.

District Provisions is proud to offer a number of these handmade breakfast and dessert creations, which until now, were only made available by visiting one of their shops.

Buzz Selections Through District Provisions

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